Sheldon Fencing Most Fancied

Sheldon fencing is made up of many different materials that are not just aesthetically pleasing, they’re sturdy and durable, too. When it comes to choosing panels for your fences, you can try out something new or stick with the classic favorites that everyone loves. Choosing fencing panels that are quite common and popular doesn’t mean your fence won’t stand out among the rest. These panels are popular for a reason. They’re beautifully crafted and are strong enough to withstand the elements. Some of the most popular Sheldon fencing panels are made out of timber – particularly the featheredge panels and the waneyedge panels.

Featheredge boards are popular because of the polished look they give to each fencing panel. The edges of each board are tapered perfectly, giving your lawn or garden a classic and elegant look to it. They are also quite sturdy and can last longer than most other types of panel boards because of its design and the treatment that it goes through to make it weather resistant for a longer period of time. Featheredge panels come in a variety of sizes which will fit most, if not all of your fencing needs.

Waneyedge boards on the other hand, have a rustic feel to it. They’re called waneyedge panels because of the way each board is cut. Each board is perfectly symmetrical, but its finish gives an unpolished, yet stylish look to it. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this type of panel is popular because of its strength and resistance to almost all weather conditions, making it extra durable.

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